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Please give us your feedback

1. How would you evaluate the training in general?

1. Training in generalPoorFairOkGoodExcellent 1. Training in general

2. How relevant was the content to your needs?

2. Relevant to needsPoorFairOkGoodExcellent 2. Relevant to needs

3. How were the exercises?

3. ExcercisesPoorFairOkVery goodExcellent 3. Excercises

5. Will you continue using Iobeya?

5. Use IobeyaNeverDon´t knowMaybeProbablyDefinitely5. Use Iobeya

4. How was the training documentation?

4. DocumentationPoorFairGoodGoodExcellent 4. Documentation

6. How would you rate the trainers’ knowledge?

6. Trainers knowledgePoorFairOkKnowledgeableChampion6. Trainers knowledge

7. How were the presentations?

7. PresentationsPoorFairOkGoodExcellent 7. Presentations

8. How was the pace in the training?

8. PaceVery slowSlowOkFastVery fast8. Pace

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May we use the above evaluation as a reference for the course?

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