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Over 3 000 people have attended Value Model trainings globally. Our training is recognised for being very hands-on. You will learn tools and methods that you directly can put to practical use in your projects or organisation.  Become a real expert on concept development, problem-solving and project management for R&D.

Your educational and professional development is our top priority. All of our instructors have long industrial experience guaranteeing you a first class learning experience. 

Value Model evaluation scores. Average for all participants from ten public courses in a row.  Scale from 1 to 6. Customers includes ABB, Atlas Copco, Scania, 3M, Xylem and many more.

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Concept development and problem solving for R&D

Introduction to concept development and problem-solving for R&D

This video is the introduction explaining the three most important success factors for how to improve R&D. It will introduce the basic concepts, tools and methods used. The video is 12 minutes long.

Customer values as a practical tool to drive R&D

The key to world-class performance is to turn customer value into a practical tool driving R&D. This video will explain what customer value is and its importance for success. The video is 8 minutes long.

Value Engineering and functional concept work

Functional and cost-based thinking is a way to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and R&D. Establish a language free from solutions but concrete enough to be suitable for specifications benchmarking and strategic plans. The functional and cost-based methodology is at the same time the entry point for Value Engineering. A powerful tool to ensure that the new products developed have unrivalled customer value. This video is 13 minutes long.

Creativity as a science and engineering tool

No area within R&D is surrounded by so many myths and misconceptions as creativity. This video will explain the basics of how to make creativity an engineering tool that will radically enhance the creativity of individuals as well as the whole organisation. This is a video that you either hate or love as it challenges many established myths. This video is 12 minutes long.

Project Management for R&D

Teaching method

The training is based on a fictive R&D-project that you together with your team shall define, plan, control and follow up. You will work hands-on and build a project canvas for your project. Going through a large number of practical team-based exercises. Previous participants have found this type of practical training more beneficial compared to traditional classroom teaching methods.

The methodology is based on visual planning techniques to build understanding and commitment from all parties involved in the project. This methodology is extremely powerful for R&D projects involving a large number of unknowns and there project output to a large extent is to build new knowledge.

You will learn how to best position your project on the scale between traditional waterfall and agile planning methods. A planning method particularly powerful for projects involving but hardware, software and services. A hybrid planning and execution method that simplifies for software programmers and hardware engineers to cooperate. A method that will strengthen teambuilding and make the most out of your resources, eliminating late changes and project overruns. A proven visual project management method building commitment. 

Course objectives:

  • increased Project Management skills of people working in R&D projects

  • uniformed mind set and working methods 

  • secured quality of outputs from R&D projects

  • better estimations of cost and project returns

  • reduced time to market

  • eliminated project overruns.

Public trainings 2019.

Stockholm, 3 days April 9 -11

Public trainings 2019.

Public trainings 2019

  • Price per participant: 2.450 EUR

  • Registration is binding as soon as Value Model has confirmed and accepted the reservation

  • Cancellations more than five weeks before the training are free of charge, and cancellations within five weeks of the training are charged full price. However the seat can be transferred to other participant free of charge.

  • Participants will be invoiced by the training provider four (4) weeks prior to the start of training

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