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We are happy you wanted to use your valuable time catching up on the Value Model. Total time for all four videos is over 45 minutes so you might want to split it up to three or four sessions. To get the most out of the videos, however, we recommend you to play them in the right order.


Please share this link with colleagues that you know has participated in a Value Model training or that you think could benefit from the content. Maybe this could be a platform and basis for an internal discussion of how you take your R&D activities to a new level 2019.

2019 the of Customer Value!

Module 1 Introduction to concept development and problem-solving for R&D

This video is the introduction explaining the three most important success factors for how to improve R&D. It will introduce the basic concepts, tools and methods used in the Value Model. The video is 12 minutes long.



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Module 2 Customer values as a practical tool to drive R&D

The key to world-class performance is to turn customer value into a practical tool driving R&D. This video will explain what customer value is and its importance for success. The video is 8 minutes long.