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The initial phase of development work where all the voices affecting the project are explored and a conceptual solution for a new product is created is sometimes called the Fuzzy Front End. Fuzzy, because no exact rules or formulas exist defining the new business opportunities that arise in the gap between changes in the market place and new emerging technologies. Fuzzy, because you can never capture all customer needs. Fuzzy, because you will always be unaware of some new emerging market trend or technology of importance. However, doing your homework properly makes the initial phase less fuzzy and the blanks are kept to a minimum. 


Within the complex environment in which all development work is carried out today there is an obvious risk of directing focus onto the wrong areas. The goal is therefore to create a concept with unrivalled customer value based on customer needs, existing technology and the unique conditions of your company.


PDF-file of 102 pages in A4 format.

Chapter 17. Analyse customer needs and create the concept

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