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In many projects this phase forms the border area between finalising the development project and transferring the result to the organisation or other projects responsible for launching the product. Many new functions both within and outside your own organisation must be involved with this work without losing continuity and tempo. It’s imperative that an effective and clear-cut transfer is achieved to ensure the fundamental ideas of the development project are not lost when handing over the proverbial baton.


The challenge to be faced can be divided into two parts. The first part deals with finalising your value proposition and launching the product so that prospects become buyers. The aim is to create business transactions by introducing and selling the product to selected market segments and specified target groups.


The second challenge deals with converting the buyer into a contented receiver and user: meeting the needs of the customer and delivering high quality products at the right time, in the right manner and in the desired quantity. This task often deals with steering and managing the organisation through the turbulent period of trimming and ramping up the processes and commencing delivery of the new product parallel to decommissioning the old one. This is often a transition period full of pitfalls and problems.


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Chapter 19. Launch the new product and harvest the benefits.

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