Training Courses for R&D

Over 3 000 people have attended Value Model training globally. Our training is recognized for being very hands-on. You will learn the tools and methods that you directly can put to practical use in your projects or organization.  

Project Management for R&D

Teaching method – "Learning by doing"

Analog and visual tools are outstanding in making teams work more effectively, share experiences, build commitment, and understanding. We also believe in working hands-on.


Creating a Project Canvas for your project together with your team and stakeholders is the best start your project can get. Your canvas can be physical or digital. However, there are some elements in a Project Canvas that are crucial for success. 

Check out the elements necessary in a  Project Canvas

Work with real projects

If you run this training in-house, the teams will work with your projects. The ultimate learning experience!


Give your projects a flying start by having them defined, planned, and the infrastructure created to follow up and keep the projects under control. Or give your on-going projects an overhaul and restart.


It is the best possible team-building exercise you can do.

If you have limited time to send people to training, this is the perfect option.

Delivered over  Internet

We are currently adapting this training so it can be delivered over the Internet. Perfect in Corona times or if your team and stakeholders can't meet for some other reason.

Unique methodology adapted to R&D

Our methodology is extremely powerful for R&D projects involving a large number of unknowns, and where project output, to a large extent, is to build new knowledge. The perfect exercise to make global teams productive.

​You will learn how to best position your project on the scale between traditional waterfall and agile planning methods. Learn a planning method particularly powerful for projects involving both hardware, software, and services.

This hybrid planning and execution method simplifies for software programmers and hardware engineers to cooperate. A technique that will strengthen team-building and make the most out of your resources, eliminating late changes and project overruns. A proven visual project management method building commitment. 

Course objectives:

  • increased Project Management skills of people working in R&D projects

  • uniformed mindset and working methods 

  • secured quality of outputs from R&D projects

  • better estimations of cost and project returns

  • reduced time to market

  • eliminated project overruns.

Check out the elements necessary in a  Project Canvas

Value Model evaluation scores. Average for all participants from ten public courses in a row.  Scale from 1 to 6. Customers includes ABB, Atlas Copco, Scania, 3M, Xylem and many more.