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We are dedicated to help our clients, small and large, to be more efficient in their product, service and business development. We’ll help you put your customer at focus and create the structure and environment needed in the complex challenge of product development.


Ulf Bengtzelius partner the Value Model
Ulf Bengtzelius
Senior Partner, M Sc, Ph D

Ulf has a long experience as R&D director and making large development organizations more efficient, productive and stimulating for employees. Ulf is a true leader knowing how to get the best out of people and creating highly productive development teams.


He is known for his ability see through complex technical issues and visualize the path for successful long term development.

Per Lindstedt founder the Value Model
Per Lindstedt
Founder, M Sc, B Sc

Per is the author of the books about the Value Model and has more than 35 years of global experience of product development and innovation. He has also developed a product development App for iOS and Android together with Chalmers University of Technology.


He is an expert in the product development's early stages such as capturing and understanding customer needs and identify and create concepts with the potential to unrivalled customer value.

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