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The Value Model book defines world-class development work that ensures profitable organic growth for the benefits of customers, employees and shareholders alike.

The first part of the book provides a framework of fundamental thoughts for everyone within your organisation who is involved with product development work. The second part of the book is a handbook of advice and guidelines that defines in detail how to implement the practical work required to be able to deliver products with unrivalled Customer Value, practice Project Management and cultivate Team Management.

A total of 685 pages in A4 format and over 400 illustrations in full color. Total weight 2,7 kg.


Read the forewords (882 Kb pdf) in the book from :
  • Hans-Olov Olsson, Senior Advisor Geely holding
    Fmr President and Chief Executive Officer
    Volvo Car Corporation

  • Ronnie Leten, President & CEO Atlas Copco AB

  • Dick Arra, Fmr Director of Product Development
    ITT Industries

  • Rasmus Renstad, Director of Product Development
    SHL Group

  • Michael Pennotti, Distinguished Service Professor
    Stevens Institute of Technology

  • C Magnus Evertsson, Professor Product and Production Development Chalmers University
    of Technology

The worlds most comprehensive handbook for product development.
The Value Model Book
Over 7.000 copies sold !

Section One: The Value Model Basics

1.  Customer Value: What Business is All About

2.  Identify Opportunities to Increase Customer Value

3.  Customer Value as a Practical Tool

4.  The Evolution of  Customer Value

5.  The Value Model Framework

6.  Customer Value Creation: The Main Process

7.  Project Management: A Support Process

8.  Team Management: A Support Process

9.  The Value Model From a Management Perspective

10. Implementing The Value Model

Section two: The Value Model Practitioners Guide

11.  Define the Project
12.  Plan the Project
13.  Establish the Project Control System
14.  Establish the Team
15.  Develop the Team Spirit
16.  Maintain Tempo and Team Spirit
17.  Analyse Customer Needs and Create the Concept
18.  Design the Product and Processes
19.  Launch the New Product and Harvest the Benefits

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