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The post-pandemic challenge

Click here to see the support page for Miro

Click here to see the support page for iObeya

Building a highly productive development team is a challenge. Building a global team or a team including remote workers makes this difficult challenge even harder.

Due to the pandemic, we were forced to move our "Project Management for R&D" concept into digital collaborative platforms. Therefore over the last two years, we have run several training courses and projects both in the Miro and iObeya platforms. In one project, we even had people participating from three different continents.

These experiments surpassed our as well as the customer's expectations. The functionality of these platforms proved to be just right for our "Project Management for R&D" concept. Our traditional boards were transformed into digital templates. In addition, the content in our Project Management Book was made available in a digital format easily accessible directly from inside these platforms.

We believe the time has come to implement digital collaborative platforms for all projects. The post-pandemic working environment must be able also to manage remote working. There is no way back to a time when you had your team available in the office every day and could conduct morning briefs. I believe many of us also realized how much time and cost traveling consumes. Climate change will most certainly also impact the way we work in the future. All these things together are what is different today compared to only two years ago.

We have made all templates and support material available for both the Miro and the iObeya platforms available FREE OF CHARGE. So if you are curious and like to try it out for an actual project, click the links below, which takes you to our home page with all the material.

Let's together make your next development project a success by moving it into the cloud.


Per & Ulf

Click here to see the support page for Miro

Click here to see the support page for iObeya


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