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Customer value is the key to

Triple the output from R&D

I need to...

Develop products that grow your business.

Develop products that merit a premium price.

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Increase your project management skills.


 foreword in the latest edition of the Value Model book

Ronnie Leten

Former President & CEO Atlas Copco

It is my strong belief that the Value Model is an excellent tool for any company which is passionate about creating value for its customers.

Rasmus Renstad

Vice President Innovation SHL

Value Model practice and thinking is of great value, and it can be highly recommended to any organization.

C Magnus Evertsson
Professor Chalmers University


The Value Model is a practical approach and navigation aid that utilizes several different modern  product development methods.

The Value Model is a work model for creating and carrying out R&D projects in which speed and innovation are prerequisites for success. It defines world-class product and service development that ensures profitable organic growth for the benefits of customers, employees and shareholders alike.

The Value Model consist of three process.

Join the customer value challenge

Join the Customer Value Challenge to create unrivalled customer value.
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Let's together turn

customer value into a

concrete and practical

tool to drive your


Six modules and one poster on how to transform customer value into a practical tool to drive customer value, growth and profitability in your project. 

The Value Model

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