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Project Management for R&D

Configure a board in Miro


1. Paid license or free license?

If you have a paid license is the configuring of a board with our templates quick and easy. Go directly to step 2.

If you have a free license - click on this link:

2. Download all the templates and configure a board

Download the zip file with all the preconfigured templates and place it in a folder. Unzip the content in the same folder.


3. Import all the templates

Click on "Upload from backup" and select the extracted file from the folder.


Click here and select the preconfigured boards file:

"PM for R&D PDF.rtb"

4. Rename the new board


First, go to the top left corner of the board and click on the Miro logo. A new window will open with all your boards and templates.

Second, click the three dots to the right and select the option to rename your board.


5. Share and invite people to the board 


Click the Share button at the top right corner and invite your team and stakeholders. 

6. Your board is ready to go

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