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Project Management for R&D

Project name, description, preconditions and safety


Project name

Write down the project name on a standard note of the biggest size.

Try to avoid a name that is close to the final product name. If you use such a word, it tends to stick to the product under development and is very difficult to remove later. It is also a security measure to prevent outsiders from understanding what you are developing. If someone accidentally overhears a conversation or sees a document, nothing is disclosed.


Here are some alternatives used by some companies:

  • Use a word that has a strong connection to your goal statement. So, when people hear the project name, they will associate it with your goal.

  • In some countries in Europe, every day of the year celebrates a name, the name of the day.

  • Name of a constellation of stars

  • Name of a figure in a cartoon.


Project description

Write down a few critical bullets on a standard note of the biggest size and add a link to a document with more information.



If applicable, write down a few key bullets on a standard note of the biggest size and link the standard note to a document with more information.

Project safety

The safety and well-being of people are always the top priority. In development, we often deal with prototypes, make tests, go to customer sites, and are therefore exposed to many unforeseen risks. Think through if necessary safety training has been done, and everybody has the correct PPG´s (personal protection gear), necessary insurances have been taken, etc. The Covid 19 pandemic is also an example that may affect what people can do or not do. 

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