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Quality Function Deployment

QFD is a systematic method for prioritizing and translating customer needs into appropriate requirements at each stage from Voice of the customer to concept development to product design to process design and manufacturing to marketing and sales. 

Translation of customer needs in to product requirements

House of Quality

The different rooms in House of Quality

The use of matrixes is an ideal method of creating links between the different levels of concretisation such as needs, functions, solution and processes. This feature is used in Quality Function Deployment (QFD).


The matrixes used always contain the three basic elements: what, how and how much. The matrixes help link what to how and then to the target value, how much. 


Other information can now be connected around this structure. One of the most powerful matrixes in QFD is called House of Quality (HoQ). It can be adapted into a powerful instrument for setting target values. Properly formulated it can be developed into a strategic tool for use not only in development work but also for long-range product planning.

A HoQ should not be burdened with too much information as this makes it too complex and it will be impossible to see the wood for the trees. Again, the idea here is to make core-information the guiding factor. What information is critical to success? What information must maintain a connecting thought extending through needs, functions, solutions and processes?


Focus on what is new, difficult and important! The things that will differentiate your product in terms of unrivalled customer value!


Inherent conflicts mean that many complex adjustments and compromises must be made.

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