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The future or end of product development?

I am old, but I am not obsolete. With experience comes the ability to see patterns only time enables. Unfortunately, business management and product development have always suffered from “flavor of the month” concepts promising quick fixes to complex problems.

However, this mentality has reached a new and alarming level in recent years. We are heading towards a buzzword philosophy in product development consisting of simplified methods marketed with “snake-oil” arguments:

  • Design sprint - Solve complex and difficult technical problems in just five days. No previous knowledge is required.”

The track records from software development should be warning signs. But, instead, buzzwords and simplified concepts from the software arena are believed to have the ability to revitalize and revolutionize hardware development.

I am sure some people don´t see the irony and problems associated with my prediction of future product development described in the picture. However, the problem is that all the buzzword concepts are flooding the business arena, pushing out excellent concepts, tools, and methods. For example, it takes years to a lifetime to fully learn and master Triz, but a Triz Master may solve complex and difficult technical problems in just five days.


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